Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Three Teams that Could Use Josh Freeman

If the rumors are true, it's only a matter of time before Josh Freeman finds himself on new NFL team.

That might not be a bad thing.

Freeman has been a bit of an enigma. In 2010 he finished the season with 25 touchdowns and just 6 interceptions.  He followed up that performance by throwing 16 touchdowns and a whopping 22 interceptions.  That kind of inconsistency defines Josh Freeman's NFL career. 

Early in his career, Freeman drew a lot of comparisons to Ben Roethlisberger, because he was able to extend plays with his footwork and strength to find guys open downfield.  This is something that Freeman has gotten away from as time went by in Tampa.  If Freeman can get back into an offensive system where he is allowed to make plays with his feet, he will be more successful.

Josh Freeman has all of the tools necessary to play quarterback in the NFL.  He is big, has a strong arm, and is relatively mobile.  Best of all, he's got a lot of playing time left as Freeman is only 25.  

So here are the best scenarios for Freeman if and when he leaves Tampa.

Starting Quarterback - Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings can lie to themselves all they want, but they aren't headed anywhere as long as Christian Ponder is under center.  Freeman is a better quarterback than Ponder, and would have the luxury of playing on a team with Adrian Peterson.  Greg Jennings, Kyle Rudolph and Cordarrelle Patterson would be happy to see Freeman under center.

Backup Quarterback - Pittsburgh Steelers
Roethlisberger has missed at least one game in every season since 2009.  That forces Pittsburgh to keep a capable backup quarterback on the roster, a role currently filled by career backup quarterback Bruce Gradkowski.  Freeman and Roethlisberger play a similar game, so it would be beneficial for Steel City to acquire Freeman as a backup and possibly groom him to one day be the starter. Roethlisberger is 31 this year and it doesn't look like the Steelers will be able to keep him healthy. Freeman fits.

Backup Quarterback - Chicago Bears
The Bears are 1-6 since 2010 when Jay Cutler has missed time due to injury.  Chicago could benefit from a capable backup quarterback.  Their current backup is Josh McCown, age 34.  Freeman is just as capable, and has more upside because of his youth.  

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