Monday, September 16, 2013

Complete NFL Power Rankings Through Week 2

1. Seattle Seahawks 

The entire team is set to Beast Mode, and this team is bound to get better once star players return from

2. Denver Broncos 
Denver has looked dominant, but the teams they've dominated look like chumps.  Number two until they beat a real contender.

3. San Francisco 49ers 
Seattle is a tough place to play, the team needs to draw up some fresh running plays and remind Vernon Davis who he used to be.

4. Houston Texans
It hasn't been pretty but the Texans are 2-0.  DeAndre Hopkins looks good and Ed Reed will join the team at some point. Houston is going places.

5. Chicago Bears 
Jay Cutler is still a turnover machine (4 turnovers in two games), but the offense seems to finally have the talent to make up for Jay's mistakes.  Keep an eye on Chicago

6. Cincinnati Bengals 
If the Bengals belong up here, they will rout the Steelers tonight.

7. Green Bay Packers 
The offense looks talented but beating the Redskins doesn't mean too much.  Compete with a real team and we can talk about Green Bay's worth.

8. New Orleans Saints 
Back-to-back gutsy wins against divisional opponents means Sean Payton's Saints are back.

9. Miami Dolphins 
The Dolphins have won on the road in consecutive weeks, and they are winning on third downs.  The offense is converting 47 percent of third downs, while the defense is stopping 72.3 percent of third downs.

10. New England Patriots 
The Patriots will climb this list as they get their starters back. The Amendola acquisition makes less and less sense every day.

11. Atlanta Falcons 
The Falcons offense is tremendous even when they're hobbled, but there are still questions on defense. The Falcons join the Cardinals in the "Gave up 300+ yards to Sam Bradford Club."

12. Indianapolis Colts
The Colts need to crush a bad team, or win against a good team to move up these rankings. Andrew Luck is a winner, but they need another reliable playmaker on offense. Sunday's road matchup against 49ers will
indicate where this team is headed.

13. Baltimore Ravens 
The real--as in mediocre, Joe Flacco is back.  The defense looked weak against Denver, and it's hard to say much about a defense facing the Browns. The Texans should be trouble for Baltimore in Week 3.  An injury to Ray Rice does Baltimore no favors.

14. Kansas City Chiefs 
Kansas City is 2-0 under new head coach Andy Reid, but the NFL shouldn't award wins for beating the Jacksonville Jaguars. Kansas City looks solid, but they haven't been tested yet.

15. Dallas Cowboys 
The Cowboys offense is anemic. While Dallas has an athletic advantage on offense against most teams, they lack a gameplan to go with it. Monte Kiffin's defense has looked solid in two outings.  Bill Callahan needs to get this offense in the endzone.  There are no excuses.

16. New York Giants 
The Giants are historically slow starters so no reason to panic just yet. Eli Manning won't continue to throw three or more picks per game, and somebody will step up at running back. The poor defensive may be the unsolvable issue here in New York.

17. Buffalo Bills 
This is a new Bills team,  but a last-second win against the Panthers doesn't make them all-stars.  The defense is competent, but won't be good enough to cover for the turnovers that come with starting a rookie quarterback. Buffalo finally has upside.

18. Arizona Cardinals 
Carson Palmer is an upgrade at quarterback, but this team still lacks an identity. Not enough stars on either side of the ball to be considered a great team.

19. San Diego Chargers 
Phillip Rivers looked sharp against the Eagles, but it's likley every quarterback not coming off major knee surgery will look sharp against the Eagles.  This defense looks too porous to finish with a winning record.

20. Detroit Lions 
Reggie Bush was supposed to add another dimension to this one-dimensional team.  With Reggie hurt, this team is back to square one.  Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford won't win a playoff game until they get more help on offense.

21. Philadelphia Eagles 
This team lacks a defense.  They will be able to beat teams that can't score, but that is a short list in today's

22. Minnesota Vikings
In addition to his running duties, Peterson will have to start throwing and catching the ball if this team is going anywhere in 2013.

23. St. Louis Rams
Mediocrity on both sides of the ball will keep the Rams from becoming anything special. They need to find an identity.

24. Tennessee Titans
Jake Locker might not be the answer in Tennessee, and Chris Johnson is not who he used to be.  This team isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  

25. New York Jets 
Geno Smith is going to find himself on the bench when Mark Sanchez is healthy.  The Jets defense benefited from playing the injury plagued Patriots and the awful offense in Tampa Bay.  This team has a solid defense,
but zero offense.

26. Oakland Raiders 
Few teams are as talent starved as the Oakland Radiers.  Terrelle Pryor adds an interesting wrinkle but it won't last forever.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
There's a mess in Tampa Bay.  The defense has looked formidable, but the offense is pathetic. The Buccaneers have lost two winnable games, but that's what bad football teams do.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers 
The Steelers don't have a running back or an offensive line. The defense is aging, and the team looks rough.  

29. Carolina Panthers 
Mario Williams sacked Cam Newton 4.5 times on Sunday.  The defense seems to be improved, but the offense is headed nowhere fast.

30. Cleveland Browns 
There might be a strong defense in Cleveland, but the offense can't keep them off the field long enough to be effective for an entire game. The Browns have allowed just 6 first-half points.

31. Washington Redskins 
RGIII is not ready, but the only way for him to get ready is to play.  The defense won't keep them in games while he learns to trust his surgically repaired knee.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars 
This is the worst team in the league.  Hands down.

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