Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fantasy Support Group: David Wilson

We had him on our board.

We saw the preseason run.

We read the preseason news.

Sure enough, the other know-nothings in our fantasy league let David Wilson fall to us in the second or third round.


Nobody knew how good he'd be.

Nobody but us.

We knew he had additional value in PPR formats.

Then Andre Brown got hurt, and our heads exploded.
"He'll get goal-line work!  Andre Brown will be out of a job!" 

And he's so damn fast. How could this not work?

But Sunday night happened.

One fumble. That's fine. That happened to him last year, he cried. Big deal.

After his second fumble, we cried.

We cried because we're stuck.  Because we figured David Wilson was going to be such a star there wouldn't be any reason to draft a third running back, you know, just in case Wilson didn't pan out.  I mean he is simply too fast not to pan out? Right?

So we're going to start him this week...because's unlikely he'll be able to score (-2.5) points again. But mostly because Ahmad Bradshaw is our backup and there are no good options.

We checked.

There are no running backs in free agency, and there are none on our teams. David Wilson is all we have for week 2.

Please David, turn it around.  

Rabble Rabble Support: David Wilson...Help Me...Please.

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