Monday, October 28, 2013

Michael Vick is the Most Durable Quarterback in Philadelphia.

From CSN Philly
Philadelphia hasn't kept a quarterback healthy for a full season since 2008.
2009: Donovan McNabb (Ribs)
2010: Kevin Kolb (Concussion) Michael Vick (Ribs)
2011: Michael Vick (Concussion, Ribs) Vince Young (Hamstring)
2012: Michael Vick (Concussion) Nick Foles (Hand)
2013: Michael Vick (Hamstring) Nick Foles (Concussion)

Fans, under direction from the sports media, have blamed Vick for his injuries in Philadelphia. That couldn't be further from the truth. The fact is, Philadelphia runs a dangerous offense that can't keep any quarterback healthy. Injuries to Kolb, Young, and Foles are indicative of a much larger problem. It's no surprise that Philadelphia has one of the worst pass protecting offensive lines over the past four seasons. Combine that with a pass-happy offense and it becomes clear why the Eagles' have had so many injuries at the quarterback position. While it may seem that Vick is fragile, he's actually the most durable quarterback to play for the Eagles since becoming the starter in 2010. He's been injured at a much lower rate than his cohorts.

RabbleRabble Bottom Line: Philadelphia is a dangerous place to play quarterback. Any criticism concerning Vick's injuries should be pointed in the direction of the coaching staff, not at Vick.

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