Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Veto Debate: Lemon Law for Julio Jones?

Does your league vote to accept/block trades?

How would your league vote in this scenario*:

Bob and Ryan agree to trade players after Monday Night's Game. Bob will trade Julio Jones and Ryan will trade Dez Bryant. They submit and accept the trade online just before going to bed on Monday evening. Now it's up to the members of the league to decide if it is a valid trade. League rules mandate a three day voting period to ensure everyone has time to review the trade. On Tuesday afternoon, it's revealed that Julio Jones' season is likely over. Should the league (or commissioner) vote to block this trade?

We must first establish why the league votes.

From EPSN:

From the NFL:

The trade cannot be vetoed on the basis of collusion.

Is this trade fair? 

How would you vote?

We'd veto this trade. The rules do not state that league members must judge the fairness of a trade at the time the trade was accepted.  The league is only required to determine if the trade is fair or not. Trading a player who is likely to be placed on injured reserve for a healthy player is not an even trade.  

RabbleLogic: NFL teams typically require a traded player to pass a physical before the trade is finalized. Fantasy leagues that review trades should have a "Lemon Law" for traded players to protect owners from scenarios like the one described above.

*We hate voting by the way.
All trades should be instant. If you can't trust the players in your own league to play by the rules you need to find a new league.

Other problems with voting:

What if a player is traded during a veto vote?

What if a critical teammate of a player is injured / traded during a veto vote?

What if the coach is fired during a veto vote? etc...

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