Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NFL's Greatest Fantasy Football Franchises: New York Jets No. 30

When was the last time a member of the New York Jets was drafted in the first-round of your fantasy league? Sure the Jets aren't the lowest scoring fantasy franchise of all-time, but one would expect more from an original AFL team.

Team Points: 1666.16

QB: Mark Sanchez (2011) - 253.26 Fantasy Points

Yup. Mark Sanchez is the all-time-greatest-fantasy quarterback for the New York Jets. He edged out Vinny Testaverde (1998) for anyone was scratching their heads at home. In 2011, Sanchez threw for 3,474 yards, 26 touchdowns and ran in six himself. Pretty impressive stuff when you consider who the Jets have had at receiver over the past few seasons. It makes you think twice about that final 2013 preseason game.

HB1: Curtis Martin (2004) - 278.20 Fantasy Points

Curtis Martin's best season was also his second to last season in the NFL. At age 31, Martin totaled 1,942 yards from scrimmage and scored 14 touchdowns. He's currently fourth on the all-time leading rushing list.

HB2: Thomas Jones (2008) - 241.90 Fantasy Points

Thomas Jones had a career year in 2008 at the ripe age of 30. Like Martin, this was Jones' best season of his career. He would go on to play for three more seasons, one with the Jets and two others with Kansas City. Maybe Chris Johnson will find the fountain of youth in New York as well.

WR1: Don Maynard (1965) - 206.00 Fantasy Points

Had fantasy football existed in 1965, Don Maynard would have been a sleeper because he was working with a rookie quarterback by the name of Joe Namath. Maynard caught 14 of Namath's 22 touchdowns in 1965.

WR2: Art Powell (1960) - 200.70 Fantasy Points

The Jets of the 1960's had some threats outside. Art Powell caught 16 touchdowns in his greatest fantasy season. His 200.70 fantasy points are nothing to sneeze at because they predate all the rule changes that made the NFL a passing league.
TE: Rich Caster (1974) - 143.3 Fantasy Points

Here's a player who was really before his time. Rich Caster was a hybrid TE and WR in a time where the TE was typically an extension of the offensive line. Remember, most of these Jets played before the 16 game NFL season we know today. Caster, Powell, and Maynard only played 14 games.

FLEX: Freeman McNeil (1985) - 205.80 Fantasy Points

Freeman McNeil was age 26 in 1985 making him the youngest running back on the Jet's all-time fantasy team. He totaled 1,758 yards from scrimmage and scored 5 touchdowns.

K: Nick Folk (2013) - 137.00 - Fantasy Points

Geno Smith stalled a lot of drives in field goal range in 2013 and Nick Foles benefited.

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30. New York Jets 1666.16
31. Tampa Bay - 1645.74
32. Jacksonville - 1604.38

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