Friday, April 11, 2014

NFL's Greatest Fantasy Football Franchises: Cincinnati Bengals No. 28

We'd bet that the Cincinnati Bengals' 28th place ranking is the result of playing the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens twice a year since 2002. Four games equate to a quarter of NFL season, which means the Bengals have spent a lot of time against top defenses. Scroll down to see the Bengals the NFL couldn't keep in check.

Team Points: 1707.92

QB: Andy Dalton (2013) - 294.02 Fantasy Points

Andy Dalton was one of the nine NFL quarterbacks that threw for over 4,000 yards in 2013. Dalton was also one of the five quarterbacks that threw twenty or more interceptions in 2013. It's a passing league.

HB1: Pete Johnson (1981) - 235.70 Fantasy Points

It was a rushing league when Pete Johnson took the field in 1981. Johnson totaled 1,397 yards from scrimmage, scored 16 touchdowns, and made the pro-bowl. 

HB2: Corey Dillon (2001) - 232.3 Fantasy Points

Before winning Super Bowl XXXIX with the New England Patriots, Corey Dillon was the bell-cow for the Cincinnati Bengals. Dillon is currently has the 17th-most NFL Career Rushing yards with 11,241 (9 Seasons).

WR1: Carl Pickens (1995) - 226.0 Fantasy Points

Carl Pickens was a busy man in 1995. Quarterback Jeff Blake and Pickens connected 99 times for 17 touchdowns and 1,234 yards.

WR2: A.J. Green (2013) - 208.6 Fantasy Points

A.J. Green is the reason Andy Dalton had such a tremendous 2013. Dalton found his favorite target 98 times for 1,426 yards and 11 touchdowns. Were you expecting Chad Johnson? His 197.2 fantasy points in 2005 missed the cut.

TE: Bob Trumpy (1969) - 137.5 Fantasy Points

You may recognize Bob Trumpy's name from NFL broadcasts. In 1969, Trumpy caught 37 passes for 835 yards and 9 touchdowns. Yes, you read that correctly; thirty-seven receptions. Bob averaged 22.6 yards per catch. That has to be a single-season record for tight ends.

FLEX: Rudi Johnson (2005) - 226.80 Fantasy Points

Rudy Johnson totaled 1,458 yards from scrimmage and scored 12 touchdowns in 2005.

K: Mike Nugent (2011) - 147.00 Fantasy Points

Mike Nugent made 14 of 16 field goals between 40-49 yards in 2011, but didn't attempt any field goals over 50 yards.

28. Cincinnati Bengals 1707.92
29. Houston Texans 1703.70
30. New York Jets 1666.16
31. Tampa Bay - 1645.74
32. Jacksonville - 1604.38

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