Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rabble Rabble Vegas: Week 4 Bets

James Caan bets with Rabble.

San Francisco (-3) at St. Louis

Vernon Davis is back.

Gore is hungry.

Hunter is hungry.

St. Louis can't stop the run.

Cincinnati (-4.5) at Cleveland

Cincy held the Packers to just two offensive scores

Cleveland is not half as good as the Packers

This is not another fantasy match against the Vikings.

Seattle (-2.5) at Houston

Houston nearly lost to Tennessee

At home

Houston nearly lost to San Diego

On the road

Seattle is in another league.

New York Giants at Kansas City (-4.5)

Eli Manning was sacked seven times on Sunday

Kansas City Sacks.

Ask Vick, Romo, or Gabbert.

Dallas (-2) at San Diego

Jake Locker beat San Diego

Matt Schaub beat San Diego

Tony Romo can beat San Diego

Dez, Demarco, Demarcus,  and Jason can beat San Diego


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