Monday, October 20, 2014

NFL Week 8 Waivers

Savvy waiver play can save your fantasy season.


Mike Glennon (QB) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mike Glennon is a capable garbage-time quarterback on a team that spends the majority of Sunday in garbage-time. Glennon has thrown for at least 250 yards and 2 touchdowns in each of his three starts in 2014. 

Ryan Tannehill (QB) - Miami Dolphins
Ryan Tannehill will help the Miami Dolphins retain their crown as the kings of Florida against the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars. Tannehill has thrown two touchdowns in his past three starts, and he's also picked up 120 yards on the ground during the stretch. Could this be the emergence of Ryan Tannehill? RabbleBottomLine: He's a fine start in Week 8. Let's not get carried away.

Carson Palmer (QB) - Arizona Cardinals
Carson Palmer is back. If you're dealing with Jay Cutler, Colin Kaepernick, or Kirk Cousins you should take a chance on Carson Palmer. He's gone over 250 yards and thrown 2 touchdowns since the feeling returned in his shoulder...seriously. His next three games are favorable match-ups against the Eagles, Cowboys, and Rams.

Alex Smith (QB) - Kansas City Chiefs
Alex Smith finds his way on this list when he tests a St. Louis Rams defensive unit that has allowed back-to-back 300-yard-games through the air. Look for Smith to have a nice Week 8.

QBs who shouldn't be available, but you should check anyways:
Robert Griffin III (QB) - Washington's NFL Team

Running backs

Denard Robinson (RB) - Jacksonville Jaguars
Denard Robinson has emerged as the Jaguars lead running back. He picked up 22 carries for  127 and a score last week against a Browns unit that has been shaky against the run in 2014. He has a tough matchup against Miami in week 8, but we like Week 9 (Cincinnati) and Week 10 (Dallas) for Robinson.

Bryce Brown and Anthony Dixon (RB) - Buffalo Bills
Look if you have been struggling with C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson you may not be that excited to leap at the opportunity to pick up their replacements. There aren't many chances to add a running back that will get 15-20 touches a game, and it's worth dropping that WR4 or TE2 for one of these guys. We prefer Bryce Brown over Dixon. We would not start either against the Jets in Week 8.

Tre Mason (RB) - St. Louis Rams
The good news it that rookie running back Tre Mason is the lead back in St. Louis. The bad news is that he doesn't have an easy road ahead of him. Mason will be on the road against Kansas City, San Francisco, Arizona, and Denver. Not the best three-game stretch for a running back, but if you are in desperate need, Mason may be available.

RBs who shouldn't be available, but you should check anyways:
Ronnie Hillman (RB) - Denver Broncos
Brandon Oliver (RB) - San Diego Chargers
Andre Williams (RB) - New York Giants

Wide Receivers

Doug Baldwin (WR) - Seattle Seahawks
There's probably a guy in your league who was savvy enough to add this guy as soon as word broke that Percy Harvin was headed to New York. It sounds strange, but it's entirely possible Harvin was hindering Russell Wilson and the Seattle offense. Baldwin will benefit in Harvin's absence.

Louis Murphy and Mike Evans (WR) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Buccaneers are constantly in garbage time and someone besides Vincent Jackson has to benefit. Start either one of these guys if you're looking at receivers on the Titans or 49ers. We get it, you're desperate, but you're better off with one of these guys from Tampa. Both have scored in each of their last two starts. We prefer Mike Evans over the course of the season to Louis Murphy.

Tight Ends
We don't want to mislead anyone when it comes to adding a tight end. If you don't have one of the stars, you're basically trying to get lucky every week. The following guys are worth a shot if you need a bye-week TE.

Charles Clay (TE) - Miami Dolphins
Jared Cook (TE) - St. Louis Rams
Jace Amara (TE) - New York Jets
Gavin Escobar (TE) - Dallas Cowboys

Defense / Special Teams
Browns D/ST
Look for the Browns to turn it around against the Raiders. It's always good when your fantasy defense is facing a rookie quarterback. It's even better when that rookie plays for the Oakland Raiders.
Dolphins D/ST
The Miami Dolphins are playing Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bortles, who is often sacked, stripped, and picked, should be great for the Miami D.
Buccaneers D/ST
We chuckled to ourselves a little bit this week when we put the clowns from Tampa Bay on this list. Our theory is that Minnesota and Teddy Bridgewater have looked so bad each week that Tampa will be primed to capitalize on an easy matchup coming off the bye. RabbleBottomLine: Bridgewater will have the best game of his career against the Buccaneers. Under no circumstances should you actually start this pile of a defense.

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