Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fantasy Draft Mistakes: It's Not Cuffing Season.

Are you thinking of handcuffing DeMarco Murray this season?


That's racist.

And you look paranoid.

Fantasy Handcuffing: Drafting a starter, typically a running back, and that starter's backup for the event that the starter is lost to injury. It saves the owner from having to scramble for a backup on waivers. 

Fantasy handcuffing may be the worst draft mistake of them all. For starters, the notion of handcuffing implies that you, the drafter, believe that the person you are spending a draft-pick on will not play 16 games this year. Erase that line of logic and select someone else. Don't draft anyone you believe will get hurt. You'll make yourself sick.

Let's say you didn't consider that having a fragile player is simply not worth the risk and believe that the handcuff is a fine strategy to combat the likely injury. If you adopt the handcuff plan, you will have to keep a non-starter on your team for the entire season. Paranoia will get the best of you. Weeks will go by where you are too afraid make any waiver plays by dropping your handcuff for a producing starter because you are still certain that your handcuffed starter will go down.

The season will pass you by, and to your surprise you'll find that your handcuffed running back never got hurt. Weird. Are you still thinking about Lance Dunbar?

Rabble Bottom Line: Don't handcuff. It wastes a roster spot, and it implies you are drafting a lemon.  

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