Friday, March 28, 2014

NFL's Greatest Fantasy Football Franchises: Seattle Seahawks No. 23

The 2013 Superbowl Champion Seattle Seahawks rank 23rd on our greatest fantasy franchise countdown. Only 1.2 fantasy points separate them from the 22nd ranked Chicago Bears. Scroll down to view the All-Time Fantasy Seahawks that edged them ahead.

Team Points: 1793.52

QB: Russell Wilson (2012) - 281.62 Fantasy Points

Russell Wilson threw for over 3,000 yards in his rookie campaign, and added another 489 on the ground. We like Russell Wilson as an NFL quarterback, but he has limited fantasy-value against the loaded defenses of the NFC West.
HB1: Shaun Alexander (2005) - 363.80 Fantasy Points

Shaun Alexander is the reason fantasy players are worried about drafting a running back that has just signed a big contract. Alexander rushed for 1,880 yards and 27 touchdowns in 2005. He would spend the next three seasons in fantasy oblivion scoring just 11 touchdowns and 1,700 yards.
HB2: Chris Warren (1995) - 268.82 Fantasy Points

Chris Warren scored 17 touchdowns in his sixth season in the NFL.
WR1: Steve Largent (1985) - 189.49 Fantasy Points

Dave Krieg and Steve Largent connected 79 times for 1,287 yards and six scores.
WR2: Joey Galloway (1997) - 184.10 Fantasy Points

Joey Galloway appears for the second time on this list (Buccaneers). Galloway was just 26 years old in 1997. The Bucs got the most out of Galloway as far as this list is concerned. He scored about five more fantasy points in Tampa.
TE: John Carlson (2009) - 99.40 Fantasy Points

The tight end position has to be filled on every team, and in this case John Carlson's whopping 99.40 fantasy points were enough to earn him a spot on the team. This isn't as low as it gets for tight ends on this list.
FLEX: Curt Warner (1986) - 260.30 Fantasy Points

We wish Marshawn Lynch was on this list, but Curt Warner had a pretty solid 1986. He totaled over 1,800 yards from scrimmage and scored 13 touchdowns beating out Lynch's 2012 campaign by 9.7 fantasy points.
K: Steven Hauschka (2013) - 146.00 Fantasy Points

Steven Hauschka had a great 2013, but let us remind you that the average score for kickers on this list is 148. Sorry to be such a downer.

23. Seattle Seahawks 1793.52
24. Chicago Bears - 1792.32
25. Arizona Cardinals - 1778.46
26. Baltimore Ravens - 1750.08

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