Friday, March 21, 2014

NFL's Greatest Fantasy Football Franchises: Buffalo Bills No. 22

The Buffalo Bills rank in at number 22 on our countdown and boast some familiar talent from your memories of pre-millennial football. While it's likely that some Bills will be drafted in your league, we'd avoid most members of the 2014 squad until the later rounds. Our sincerest apologies if you were spoiled by C.J. Spiller in 2013.  

Team Score: 1796.56

Guess Who: Name the Two Bills from the last decade (2004-2014) that made the team.

QB1: Drew Bledsoe (2002) - 265.06 Fantasy Points

Drew Bledsoe amassed his highest fantasy score in a single season during his tenure in Buffalo. Relying on the 1-2 combination of Eric Moulds and Peerless Price, Bledsoe threw for 4,359 yards and 24 touchdowns. Moulds and Price combined for 2,544 yards and 19 scores.

HB1: O.J. Simpson (1975) - 363.30 Fantasy Points

There were signs O.J. Simpson was crazy as early as 1975. Simpson totaled 2,243 yards from scrimmage and found pay-dirt 23 times. The best part? Mr. Simpson only played 14 games in 1975.

HB2: Thurman Thomas (1992) - 283.30 Fantasy Points

A total of 80 fantasy points separate O.J. Simpson from Thurman Thomas. He scored nine touchdowns in 1992.

WR1: Eric Moulds (1998) - 190.80 Fantasy Points

In 1998, Eric Moulds went to work. Catching passes from Doug Flutie (13 Games) and Rob Johnson (3 Games), Moulds totaled 1,368 yards and nine touchdowns.

WR2: Andre Reed (1989) - 188.3 Fantasy Points

Just 2.5 fantasy points, or 25 yards, separate Eric Moulds and Andre Reed. Reed kept things close finishing the season with 1,312 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. He also picked up 31 yards on the ground.

TE1: Scott Chandler (2012) - 93.1 Fantasy Points

Somebody has to turn in the best fantasy season by a Bills' tight-end and you don't have to look any further than mighty-mighty Scott Chandler to discover who it is. In 2012, Chandler totaled 571 yards and six touchdowns in a season where he only started 13 games. The Bills need a tight-end.

FLEX: Travis Henry (2002) - 258.7 Fantasy Points

Travis Henry didn't break 2,000 yards from scrimmage in his best season (1,747 total), but he did score 14 touchdowns.

K: Dan Carpenter (2013) - 155.00 Fantasy Points
Did you think we'd forget Brian Moorman?
Dan Carpenter's 2013 seasons ranks about seven (7) points higher than average (148.16) Not bad for a guy playing half his games in an open-air stadium in Upstate New York.

22. Buffalo Bills 1796.56
23. Seattle Seahawks 1793.52
24. Chicago Bears - 1792.32
25. Arizona Cardinals - 1778.46
26. Baltimore Ravens - 1750.08

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