Thursday, March 20, 2014

NFL's Greatest Fantasy Football Franchises: New York Giants No. 21

The New York Giants are the 21st ranked All-Time Fantasy team in our countdown. This is something to keep in mind as you approach your 2014 Fantasy Draft. Don't bELIeve the NFC EAST hype.

Unsung Hero: Giants Quarterback in 1967 - GUESS WHO?

Team Points: 1807.72

QB: Eli Manning (2011) - 288.82 Fantasy Points

Exhibit A: Eli Manning. We don't want to take anything away from this Manning's postseason performances. Eli gets the job done, and we don't believe his brother could cover for him. His fantasy numbers leave quite a bit to be desired when compared to the fantasy quarterbacks you'd want to start on your team. Peyton is the fantasy Manning, but Eli is the real Manning. 

RB1: Tiki Barber (2005) - 305.00 Fantasy Points

Tiki Barber can run his mouth all he wants if he is discussing fantasy numbers for the New York Giants. His 305 points in 2005 tops all scores for the Giants. He totaled 2,390 yards from scrimmage and 11 touchdowns.  

RB2: Joe Morris (1985) - 280.80 Fantasy Points

Joe Morris only had 1,548 yards from scrimmage in 1985, but he found the end zone 21 times. That's a franchise record.

WR1: Homer Jones (1967) - 210.90 Fantasy Points

Homer Jones spiked the football after scoring a touchdown before it was cool. Jones caught 13 touchdowns and ran one in for a total of 14 spikes in 1967. 

WR2: Victor Cruz (2011) - 207.90 Fantasy Points

Jones invented the spike, and Victor Cruz invented the Salsa. It seems the Giants are always on the cutting edge of end zone celebrations. Could it be the proverbial melting pot in New York City? Could the Giants be the most cultured team in the NFL? Maybe the Rams have an edge? Why aren't the Jets more cultured? Is Rex Ryan holding the Jets back…culturally?

TE: Aaron Thomas (1967) - 141.70 Fantasy Points

Wow. Another pass-catcher on the 1967 Giants made the team. Who was throwing the football? GUESS WHO ANSWER: The Giants' starting quarterback in 1967 was Fran Tarkenton. Check out his wikipedia - great read.

FLEX: Rodney Hampton (1992) - 219.60 Fantasy Points

Rodney Hampton scored 14 touchdowns in 1992.

K: John Carney (2008) - 153.00 Fantasy Points

John Carney beat the average kicker in this countdown by 5 fantasy points. Congrats Jon, you earned it.

21. New York Giants 1807.72

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