Wednesday, March 19, 2014

NFL's Greatest Fantasy Football Franchises: Cleveland Browns No. 20

Do you think Johnny Manziel is going to improve the Cleveland Browns' 20th ranked fantasy squad? No. We believe Bryan Hoyer is the man in Cleveland and are very interested in Josh Gordon's possible suspension.

GUESS THE UNSUNG HEROES: Offensive Line trio from 1965-1968.

Team Points: 1813.98

QB Brian Sipe (1980) - 268.78 Fantasy Points

There is not really much say about Brian Sipe's 1980 season other than it eclipsed Derek Anderson's 2007 season by 14 fantasy points. If the Browns can keep one quarterback on the field for a complete season, there is a good chance that player takes Sipe's spot on this list. 

RB1: Jim Brown (1965) - 313.20 Fantasy Points

Jim Brown's 1965 fantasy is under no challenge from any Browns' back in 2014. That's a draft tip. Avoid Browns' backs. Jim Brown had 1,872 yards from scrimmage and scored 21 touchdowns.

RB2: Leroy Kelly (1968) - 273.60 Fantasy Points

Three years later, Leroy Kelly racked up 1,536 yards from scrimmage and scored 20 touchdowns behind a very similar offensive line. 
UNSUNG HEROES: 1965-1968 Browns O-line trio: LT: Dick Schafrath, RG: Gene Hickerson, RT: Monte Clark.

WR1: Josh Gordon (2013) - 227.40 Fantasy Points

Do not sleep on the Browns offense if Josh Gordon and Brian Hoyer are on the same field in 2014. 

WR2: Braylon Edwards (2008) - 224.90 Fantasy Points

Pour out a little coffee for Braylon Edwards career. It's sad to see a talented player bottlenecked by poor quarterback play throughout their NFL tenure. Let's hope the same doesn't happen to fellow AFC NORTH receiver, A.J. Green. Edwards caught 16 touchdowns in 2008.

TE: Ozzie Newsome (1979) - 132.70 Fantasy Points

Before Ozzie Newsome won two Superbowls as the Ravens' GM, he was lining up at tight end for the Cleveland Browns. Newsome caught nine touchdowns in 1979.

FLEX: Peyton Hillis (2010) - 243.40 Fantasy Points

Peyton Hillis gave us one great year of football in 2010. The bruiser with soft hands racked up 1,654 yards from scrimmage and 13 total touchdowns. 

K: Phil Dawson (2012) - 130.00 Fantasy Points

Phil Dawson is 18 points below the average kicker in this countdown. Nice.

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