Tuesday, March 18, 2014

NFL's Greatest Fantasy Football Franchises: Carolina Panthers No. 19

The Carolina Panthers have a good chance to walk away with the NFC SOUTH in 2014. We're just not sure who we'd like on our fantasy team outside of the defense and Cam Newton. Food for thought: the Panthers don't need a lot of points to win games.

Team Points: 1841.74

QB: Cam Newton (2011)  - 366.64 Fantasy Points

How well will Cam Newton do working with Kelvin Benjamin, Jericho Cotchery, Jason Avant, and Greg Olsen. We expect fewer carries for Newton as his career progresses and don't see a lot of potential with this set. We wouldn't take Newton any earlier than the third round.

HB1: DeAngelo Williams (2008) - 283.60 Fantasy Points

In 2008, DeAngelo Williams scored 20 touchdowns. A lot has changed since then. In 2014, Williams is merely a flex option on a bye week. Next.

HB2: Stephen Davis (2003) - 208.30 Fantasy Points

At age 29, Steven Davis gained over 1,500 yards from scrimmage for the fourth and final time in his Career during his first season with the Carolina Panthers. Does that make you think twice about drafting Chris Johnson?

WR1: Mushin Muhammad (2004) - 238.00 Fantasy Points

Mushin Muhammad scored 16 touchdowns while working with Jake Delhomme in 2004.

WR2: Steve Smith (2005) - 236.80 Fantasy Points

Steve Smith lined up on the other side of Mushin Muhammad rounding out one of the least talked about wide receiver duos. Life was easy for Jake Delhomme.

TE: Wesley Wallas (1999) - 154.20 Fantasy Points

Steve Beuerlein and Wesley Walls connected 63 times for 12 touchdowns and 822 yards in 1999.

FLEX: Jonathan Stewart (2009) - 199.20 Fantasy Points

Another season from the glory days of the Panthers' ground attack. This was five years ago. Do not expect much from Jonathan Stewart in 2014. 

K: John Kasay (1996) - 155.00 Fantasy Points

John Kasay is 7 points above the average kicker in this countdown. 

19. Carolina Panthers 1841.74

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