Monday, March 17, 2014

NFL's Greatest Fantasy Football Franchises: Washington No. 18

What to make of Washington's fantasy outlook in 2014? In our opinion it comes down to the play of Robert Griffin III  - a relative unknown in our book. Despite coming into the league at the same time as megastars Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson, we don't see him in the same light and think he's overvalued in most fantasy circles. Washington hasn't had much fantasy-luck historically, and we'd advise you to give all of their players a second thought on draft day.

Team Points: 1842.20

QB: Robert Griffin III (2012) - 321.50 Fantasy Points

In 2012, Robert Griffin III threw for 3,200 yards and ran for 815. We don't think he'll do that in 2014, and it's not for lack of weapons on offense. We just don't believe in RGIII. In 2013, most of his team's fantasy production came in garbage time, which seemed to start in the second quarter. We are not expecting much from this team.

HB1: John Riggins (1983) - 281.60 Fantasy Points

John Riggins only rushed for 1,347 yards in 1983, but he found the end zone 24 times. He is most famous for his fourth quarter 42-yard TD scamper in Superbowl XVII on 4th and inches. The play can be viewed here. Courtesy: YOUTUBE.

HB2: Terry Allen (1996) - 280.70 Fantasy Points

Terry Allen scored 21 touchdowns in 1996. 

WR1: Bobby Mitchell (1962) - 204.90 Fantasy Points

Bobby Mitchell is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and scored 11 touchdowns in 1962.

WR2: Santana Moss (2005) - 202.00 Fantasy Points

Mark Brunell and Santana Moss connected 84 times for 1,483 yards and nine touchdowns in 2005. 

TE: Jerry Smith (1967) - 156.90 Fantasy Points 

Jerry Smith scored 12 touchdowns in 1967.

FLEX: Stephen Davis (1999) - 253.60 Fantasy Points

Clap for Stephen Davis for making his way onto both the Panthers and Washington's all time fantasy squad. His 1999 season was far better than his 2003 season (208.3 Fantasy Points), but he was four years younger which is an eternity in running back years. 

K: Graham Gano (2011) - 141.00 Fantasy Points

Graham Gano is 7 points below the average kicker in this countdown.

18. Washington         1842.20

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