Sunday, March 16, 2014

NFL's Greatest Fantasy Football Franchises: Miami Dolphins No. 17

When was the last time a member of the Miami Dolphins was drafted in the first round of your fantasy league? Their all-time greatest fantasy roster only contains one player from the past decade highlighting a streak of fantasy mediocrity that should serve as a cautionary tale for your 2014 draft.  

GUESS WHO: The lone Dolphin from the past decade to make the all-time fantasy squad.

QB: Dan Marino (1984) - 360.66 Fantasy Points

Dan Marino finished the 1984 season with negative seven rushing yards. He overcame his woes on the ground with 5,084 passing yards and 48 touchdowns. This was the greatest fantasy season by a quarterback until 1998. GUESS WHO beat Marino's fantasy record in 1998!

HB1: Ricky Williams (2002) - 323.60 Fantasy Points

Ricky Williams first season with Miami was a career year. The former Heisman Trophy winner totaled 2,216 yards from scrimmage in 2002, and scored 17 times. 

HB2: Lamar Smith (2000) - 230.00 Fantasy Points

Lamar Smith defied conventional fantasy logic and totaled 1,340 yards from scrimmage with 16 touchdowns at the ripe old age of 30. Do you still think Frank Gore is too old?

WR1: Mark Clayton (1984) - 250.40 Fantasy Points

Mark Clayton caught 18 of Marino's 48 touchdowns in 1984.

WR2: Mark Duper (1986) - 196.30 Fantasy Points

Mark Duper and Dan Marino connected 67 times for 1,313 yards and 11 touchdowns. 

TE: Charles Clay (2013) - 119.40 Fantasy Points

Charles Clay is the lone dolphin from the past decade to make the team. His 119.40 fantasy points are 7th lowest among tight ends in this countdown. 

FLEX: Karim Abdul-Jabbar (1997) - 211.30 Fantasy Points

Karim Abdul-Jabbar didn't rush for 1,000 yards in 1997, but he did find the end zone 16 times. 

K: Olindo Mare (1999) - 151.00 Fantasy Points

Olindo Mare beat the average for kickers on this countdown by 3 points, or one field goal between 0-39 yards. Nice.

17. Miami Dolphins 1842.66

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  1. Good read. Thought the Dolphin within the last decade might've been Chambers in '05.